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Available Services:

Throughout Destry's lengthy career he has developed a large base of knowledge from real world experience on what works and what doesn't in an athlete's training program. By leveraging Destry's experience, DA8 Training can help provide the most efficient way to increase your potential for success as an athlete. DA8 Training offers a wide variety of services ranging from one on one coaching, bike setup consulting, athlete nutrition, physical fitness routines, group classes and clinics to week long bootcamps complete with room and board. If you have something else in mind please contact us to inquire about custom tailored offerings for you.
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Full Week Bootcamps:
  • You will spend the week riding, hitting the gym, and a full schedule of training for a week
  • Package consists of four days of riding and at least three days at the gym
  • Fully furnished studio apartment
  • Facility for bike maintenance
  • Wi-Fi and cable TV included
  • starting at $2,500
  • bike rentals available as an add-on (see below)
  • Please contact us if interested for complete details
Multi-Session Private Lessons:
  • 5 Private Lessons = $1300 - (Savings of $325)
Private / Small Group Private Lessons:
4-5 Hour classes:
  • 1 Person $325
  • 2 People $275 (each)
  • 3 People $225 (each)
  • 4 or more $175 (each)
*Discounted prices available for AMRA (Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association) series members
Group 1 Day Classes:
  • $175 per rider
  • 10 spots per class
  • Dates to be announced. Inquire with us in the meantime if you have 10 riders for a group class.
  • Makes for a great club event or corporate team building experience
*No more than 10 riders per class; riders are responsible for recruiting other participants for their class*
Bike Rentals:
  • $350 per day
  • KX250F and KX450F fully prepped and setup factory race bikes
  • Rentals are only available for riding schools
  • Renter responsible for any damages incurred during rental
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Housing Accommodations
  • Starting at $150 per night
  • Housing rental available for students attending DA8 riding schools
  • Fully furnished studio apartment
  • Facility for bike maintenance
  • Wi-Fi and cable TV included
  • Contact us for reservations
Training available with focus on multiple disciplines:
  • Endurocross
  • Motocross
  • Off-road Racing
Skills focus on:
  • Corners
  • Braking
  • Form/Posture
  • Standing
  • Line Choice
  • Starts
  • Race Preparation (mental, nutrition, stretching, race strategy, etc.)
  • Supplement strategy by Hammer Nutrition
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